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Subregional Action Plan (Asia) for PBDEs Management and Reduction

Recently, the regional project entitled “Subregional Action Plan (Asia) for PBDEs Management and Reduction” was approved and will be funded by the GEF trust fund.

Jointly applied by SCRCAP and UNEP, and participated by 5 countries in Asia, including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the regional project aims to access pollution characteristics of PBDEs in main waste recycling sectors, to reduce the risks caused by PBDEs through a demonstration of application of Best Available Techniques/Best Environmental Practices (BAT/BEP) in selected sectors and propose a regional pollution control strategy and national frameworks in Asia.

The project will establish national public-private partnerships for PBDEs import, use and recycling/disposal, and inventories of processes having PBDEs emissions during recycling or disposal of articles containing PBDEs, undertake pilot project for identification of BAT/BEP to reduce PBDEs in recycling and disposal operations, and develop mid-term strategy to eliminate PBDEs in the sub-region.

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