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Programme on Establishing Public and Private Partnership for Metal Recycling in Asia and the Pacific Region
1. Overall goals
The overall goal of the Metal Recycling Programme is establishing a widely received platform for promoting metal recycling and resource efficiency through a public and private partnership in Asia and the Pacific Region with the aim of  demonstrating metals recycling to the world; fostering a technology team and a group of education and demonstration centers to provide technical assistance for improving performance of the recycling industry, public education and awareness raising.
2. Objectives
(1) To improve resource utilization efficiency in Asia and the Pacific Region to protect the ecological environment and human health;
(2) To promote the development of formal metal recycling industry;
(3) To initiate and set up public propaganda and education demonstration bases for metal recycling;
(4)  To cultivate high level talents of management and technique on metal recycling.
3. Concrete activities
(1)  Establish a Regional Metal Resources Recycling Forum for information sharing to establish a regional;
(2)  Set up a 3R Information Centre for typical metal;
(3)  Develop Resource Recycling Demonstration Projects for promoting technological progress;
(4)  Select enterprises as Comprehensive Information and Education Demonstration Centers that create an optimum social environment to supporting advanced metal recycling;
(5)  Build a Resource Recycling Technology Transfer Platform;
(6)  Set up Resource Recycling Awards;
(7)  Establish a High-level Talents Network on metal recycling and resource management;
(8) Set up an “Internet of Things” Big Data Demonstration System for typical metal-containing products.
4. Implementation agency
On May 7th, 2015, Programme on Establishing Public and Private Partnership for Metal Recycling in Asia and the Pacific Region (refered as the Metal Recycling Programme) was officially initiated by Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (refered as BCRC China) at side event of the 2015 Triple COPs in Geneva. This programme is executed by BCRC China with the support of UNEP IETC and UNEP China office. On March 24th, 2016, based on the decision of steering committee meeting of Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM), Metal Recycling Programme has been introduced to GPWM as a new thematic area. BCRC China is the leading organization in this thematic area.
Necessary office space and staff will be provided and supported by BCRC China.
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