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Regional Workshop on Capacity and Capacity Building Needs to Analyse POPs in Developing Countries


1.1 Guidance questions for working groups    Dr. Heidelore Fiedler

1.2 Evaluation of Questionnaires on Evaluation of Questionnaires on Existing POPs Laboratories in Asia Existing POPs Laboratories in Asia and Central and Eastern European and Central and Eastern uropean                                Dr. Heidelore Fiedler

1.3 Assessment of Existing Capacity Assessment of Existing Capacity and Capacity Building Needs to and Capacity Building Needs to Analyse POPs in Developing Analyse POPs in Developing Countries                                                     Dr. Heidelore Fiedler 


2.1 Assessment of capacity and capacity building and capacity building needs for analysis of needs for analysis of POPs in developing POPs in developing   Senior expert, MSc Stela Stankova

2.2 The Status of POPs Monitoring in China     Prof.Dr.Minghui Zheng

2.3 POPs Analysis in Fiji   Prof. Bill Aalbersberg

2.4 Why and in which fields / matrices Japan undertakes POPs analysis?   Ministry of the Environment Japan

2.5 Asessment of the quality of river-mouth section areas of the Vistula and the Odra River, regarding POPs presence included in the Stockholm Convention from 2001    PLST, Poland

2.6 Centre for Environmental Chemistry of SPA TYPHOON: Analysis and Monistoring of POPs in the Environment   Alexei Konoplev

2.7 Department of Toxic Organic Pollutants   Anton Kocan, PhD

2.8 Capacity Building Needs of Laboratories in Sri Lanka   S.A.M.Azmy


3.1 POPs Analytical Needs Overview of Problems in CEECs and the CR   Ivan Holoubek, Karel Bláha 

3.2 Country View on POPs Analysis Needs   Prof.Dr. Victor Solomin 

3.3 Assessment of Existing Capacity Building Needs to Ananlyze POPs in Developing Countries   Ana Misurovic

3.4 Setting up a National System of POPs Monitoring as part of implementation of the Stockholm Convention in Russia    Elena Pershina, Alexey Konoplev 

3.5 Republic of Serbia   Tatjana Markov Milinkovic

3.6 Control of POPs Contaminants in Slovenia   Ernest Voncina   


4.1 Role of Inter-laboratory Comparison Studies   Bert van Bavel 

4.2 Experiences with Regional Networks Where Japan has be a sponsor / donor to laboratories and capacity building   Japanese Ministry of Environment  

4.3 Report on the Current Status of POPs Monitoring in Japan   Japanese Ministry of Environment

4.4 Experiences with the Establishment of Laboratories – View of Donors   Lutz Rexilius


5.1 Economic Sustainability of POPs Laboratory 

5.2 Report of Working Group 1 

5.3 Report of Working Group 2 


6.1 Questionnaire for POPs Laboratories


6.3 1st Core Group Meeting for GEF or UNEP Project

6.4 UNEP Global Environment Facility Project Document


7.1 Bank Information or Renseignements Bancaires

7.2 Example Travel Claim New Form

7.3 Trabel Claim Check List meeting Participants

7.4 Voucher for Reimbursement of Expenses    

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