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Regional Workshop on E-waste Identification toward the Prevention of Illegal Transboundary Movement for Hazardous Waste and Other Wastes in Asia


3-4th November 2008
Sino-Italian Environment and Energy Building
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Session 1: Opening

Welcome Address  

Mr. Zhai Qing

Welcome Address

Mr. Ibrahim Shafii

Review of workshop objectives 

Mr. Li Jinhui

Progress on the Project of the Import & Export Management E-waste

Ms. Zhao Nana

Session 2: Country Reports

Country report- China 

Ms. Zhang Jialing

Country report- China HKSAR 

Mr. Tam Cheuk-wai

Country report- Indonesia 

Mr. Herry Hamdani

Country report- Malaysia 

Mr. Ab. Rahman Awang

Country report- Philippines 

Mr. Solon Collado Rativo

Country report- Singapore 

Mr. Chow Chee Kiong

Country report- Thailand (Ministry of Industry) 

Ms. Piyanee Thangtongtawi

Country report-Thailand(Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

Mr. Patarapol Tularak

Session 3: Activities

BCRC-SEA’s Projects: ESM of e-waste in south-east Asia

Mr. Dadan Wardhana Hasanuddin

Activities on E-waste and Business Plan 2009-2011 

Ms. Zheng Lixia

Session 4: Experience Sharing the Identification of waste, hazardous waste, e-waste, hazardous e-wastes, and used EEE

Status of E-waste Management Programme Under the Basel Convention

Mr. Ibrahim Shafii

Experiences on the control of transboundary movement of  hazardous  wastes and e-wastes  

Ms. Junko Nishikawa

The Canadian Experience: Identifying Hazardous Waste for Export & Import Shipments with a Special Focus on E-waste & Used E-products 

Mr. Michael Vanderpol

Generation and Material Flow of E-waste in East Asia 

Dr. Atsushi Terazono

Administration of China Customs Authority on the Import of Waste 

Ms. Xin Yan

China’s Inspection & Quarantine on Imported Scrap Materials

Mr. Gao Hui

Session 5: Summary



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