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Regional capacity building workshop on BAT/BEP and ESM of POPs wastes and PCBs for Asia

The regional capacity-building workshop related to the guidelines on Best Available Techniques & Best Environmental Practices (BAT&BEP) and on the Environmental Sound Management (ESM) of POPs wastes and PCBs will be held from 16 to 20 November 2009 in Beijing, China.

The workshop, which is co-organised with the Basel Centre Coordinating Center for Asia & the Pacific (BCRC China), targets governmental officials from 20 Parties in Asia. The workshop aims at: enhancing national capacities to effectively address unintentional releases of POPs and implement environmentally sound management of PCBs and POPs wastes. Information exchange on relevant guidance documents, such as the Basel Convention technical guidelines and the guidelines on BAT&BEP will be the basis of discussions and experience sharing.


To minimize releases of persistent organic pollutants from unintentional production, Parties shall promote, in some cases, and require, in others, the use of best available techniques and promote application of best environmental practices. When applying best available techniques and best environmental practices Parties should take into consideration the guidelines on best available techniques and best environmental practices developed under the Stockholm Convention and adopted by decision SC-3/5 of the Conference of the Parties. In accordance with decisions SC-1/20, SC-3/5 and SC-4/6 the Secretariat is undertaking awareness raising activities on the guidelines at regional and sub-regional levels to promote their understanding and use.

In its decisions SC-3/7 and SC-4/8, the Parties to the Stockholm Convention requested the Secretariat to undertake training and other capacity building activities to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition in implementing the Basel Convention technical guidelines on POPs waste. In response to this request, the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention has developed an electronic training tool on the POPs wastes guidelines and provides direct assistance to Parties through regional workshops on the Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of PCBs and POPs waste.


The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

Increased awareness of participants on the BAT and BEP guidelines, the interactive training tool on POPs wastes, the PCBs Elimination Network, as well as on other relevant Secretariat activities;

Increased knowledge of participants on Party obligations pertaining to unintentional releases of POPs as well as with timeframe of their implementation;

Clear understanding of participants on the guidelines on BAT and BEP in order to facilitate the effective use of the guidelines at the national level;

Improved capacity of participants on the concepts, principles and standards for the ESM of PCBs and POPs wastes as presented in the Basel Convention POPs waste guidelines;

Experience and lessons learned are exchanged among the relevant stakeholders on unintentional releases of POPs, PCBs and POPS wastes, including transfer of technologies and knowledge;

Feedback is gained on the experience in using the various guidelines and training tools as well as their usefulness;

National and/or regional priorities are identified by participants based on National Implementation Plans (NIPs) and conceptual proposals developed for consideration for submission to the GEF for funding.


The outline of the five-day workshop is as follows:

Day 1: Opening remarks, introduction to the Convention, presentations on country experiences.

Day 2: Training on the practical use of the Guidelines on BAT and BEP.

Day 3: Training on the ESM of PCBs and POPs wastes.

Day 4: Practical training at appropriate BAT and BEP, PCBs and POPs waste sites in China.

Day 5: Assessment of the field work and consideration of projects for the implementation of the Convention.


The capacity-building workshop targets two national experts on the BAT and BEP and ESM of PCBs and POPs wastes respectively from each of the following countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Kiribati, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

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