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BCRC China/SCRCAP Jointly Organizing the “Regional Workshop on the Sound Life-cycle Management of DDT under the Stockholm Convention”

Under the Small-Scale Funding project, Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific / Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity-building and the Transfer of Technology in Asia and the Pacific ( BCRC China/SCRCAP ) cooperated with Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (BRS Secretariat) to conduct of the “ Regional Workshop on the Sound Life-cycle Management of DDT under the Stockholm Convention”,which was held from April 14 to16, 2015, in Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases (JIPD), Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. The workshop invited 16 delegates from governments which are Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.1 delegate from IPEN, 1 delegate from WHO, 3 delegate from JIPD, and as the organizer, 1 delegate from BRS secretariat and 3 staff from BCRC China/SCRCAP attended the workshop. The total number of delegate is 25.


The three-day training programme covered the presentation, group discussion and site visit. The main presentation including the objective of the workshop, introduction of Stockholm Convention and its mandates on DDT, Regional overview on DDT and disease vector control, Exchanging national experiences on disease vector control, Regional experience on implementation of IVM (Integrated Vector Management), Systematic analysis of country status for sound life-cycle management of DDT and national reporting systems and Roadmap to develop alternatives to DDT. During the group discussion, participants were divided into two groups to discuss the toolkit for the sound management of DDT and go through question based on their own countries’ condition. They pointed out hazardous waste should have related laws and regulations, as well as standards to monitor pesticide; main challenges included limited resources, expensive monitoring, effective enforcement and implementation, hard to promptly update latest inventory record, etc. During the site visit session, the delegates were visited to the National Key Laboratory on Parasitic Diseases, Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases where delegates gain practical experiences for new technic to control malaria. At the end of the workshop, the certificates were awarded to all the delegates to honor their active participation.

The workshop allowed delegates to obtain more knowledge in the use of non-chemical and other sound environmental management practices to enhance the sustainability of reduced reliance on DDT for disease vector control. The Workshop met the aim of fostering participants’ understanding of the scope of the challenges at national and field level on sound management of DDT, its judicious use, including the promotion of non-chemical alternatives.

Dr. Chen Yuan, Ms. Wang Jiecong and Ms. Li Shite from BCRC China/SCRCAP participated in organizing the workshop.
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