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BCRC China/SCRCAP Held Side Event and Exhibition During the 2015 Triple COPs

The Conferences of the Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm convention of 2015, abbreviated as 2015 Triple COPs, was successfully held in Geneva, Switzerland from 4 to 17 May 2015. During the Triple COPs, Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific/Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity-building and the Transfer of Technology in Asia and the Pacific(BCRC China/SCRCAP) held a side event, with the theme of “Regional Chemicals Management and Metal Recycling”, and made an exhibition on the Science Fair “From science to action, working for a safer tomorrow” , which was organized by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm conventions (BRS Secretariat).

The side event of “Regional Chemicals Management and Metal Recycling” was organized on 7 May 2015 in the International Conference Centre of Geneva. Prof. Li Jinhui, the Executive Director of BCRC China / SCRCAP hosted the meeting. Ms. Li Lei, the Deputy Director General from Department of Pollution Prevention and Control, Ministry of Environment Protection of China (MEP); Ms. Maria Cristina Cardenas Fischer, the Chief of the BRS Technical Assistance Branch gave opening remarks. Dr. Heidelore Fiedler, the Senior Scientific Affairs Officer form United Nations Environment Programmee (UNEP) Chemicals Branch gave closing remarks. Dr. Chen Yuan and Ms. Ren Junshu from BCRC China/SCRCAP gave presentations of “The Main Work Plan and Outcome of BCRC China/SCRCAP” and “Program on Public and Private Partnership for Metal Recycling in Asia and the Pacific Region” in the meeting.

On the meeting, Ms. Li Lei introduced the achievement of BCRC China/SCRCAP and the role BCRC China/SCRCAP played in promoting to achieve the goal of waste and chemical management, she also gave great expectation to BCRC China/SCRCAP for the future events planned to conduct. Ms. Maria Cristina Cardenas Fischer spoke highly of the activities BCRC China /SCRCAP implemented and the progress achieved. She also emphasized the great result, full score, BCRC China and SCRCAP made in Regional Centre Evaluation. Dr. Heidelore Fiedler summarized the activities and projects held by BCRC China/SCRCAP, and analyzed the potential environmental problems emerged from the process of metal recycling globally and further recognized the necessity and timeliness to initiate the “Program on Public and Private Partnership for Metal Recycling in Asia and the Pacific Region” . Over hundreds of participants from different countries attended this meeting and gave high appraise. Under the witness of the BRS Secretariat, BCRC China/SCRCAP and Shenzhen GEM High-Tech Co. Ltd. signed the MOU of the programme and formally launched it.

Based on the former achievements,the BRS Secretariat offered an independent booth for BCRC China /SCRCAP, which is one of the only 4 booths for regional centres. During the Science Fair, with video presentation, posters, photos, pictures, leaflets, roll screens, etc., BCRC China/SCRCAP fully displayed its activities and achievements on management and disposal of e-waste, mercury waste, POPs sustainable management, hazardous waste transboundary movement, training and technology transfer, etc. .

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