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BCRC China/SCRCAP successfully accomplished China Trust Fund Project “Capacity -Building for ESM of PBDEs and Their Waste in Selected Asia-Pacific Countries”

On October 2016, Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific/Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity-building and the Transfer of Technology in Asia and pacific (BCRC China/SCRCAP), in collaboration with the China-ASEAN Environment Cooperation Centre and the government of Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Mongolia, successfully accomplished the China Trust Fund project “Capacity-Building for Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and Their Waste in Selected Asia-Pacific Countries”. The project responds to requests to assist Parties in the implementation of their obligations under the Chemicals and Waste Multilateral Environment Agreements; especially in meeting obligatons in relation to newly listed persistent organic pollutants, i.e., PBDEs.

During the 2-year implementation period, 4 activities including 1) establish an information platform on PBDEs management and operational activities, 2) generate awareness on PBDEs management-videos, leaflets, brochures and other forms of publicity materials featuring PBDEs, 3) undertake a feasibility study on separation of PBDEs containing waste from the general waste stream, 4) organize a regional workshop to promote the information platform and share the outcomes and experiences were conducted in accordance with the project requirements. Based on the activities, the project has achieved the following outputs. Firstly, BCRC China/SCRCAP developed an information website “PBDEs Elimination Action in Asia-pacific”, presenting information and activities on PBDEs management and operational activities. Secondly, awareness raising materials including videos on PBDEs guidance, specifically Guidance on best available techniques and best environmental practices for the recycling and waste disposal of articles containing polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) listed under the Stockholm Convention on POPs, and brochure on “The Application and Processing Technology of PBDEs” were produced. Thirdly, report on Feasibility Study on Separation of PBDEs Containing Waste from the General Waste Stream was compiled. And a regional workshop on Chemical Management was held in back to back with the 10th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology on October, 2015 in Mianyang, China. National reports on PBDEs management in selected countries, expert reports on experience of PBDEs management was presented during the workshop. Finally, Proposal for A Regional Strategy for PBDEs Management was put forward based on the national reports of selected countries, report on feasibility studies and information from the regional workshop. All the outputs are/will be uploaded to the information website of PBDEs management to spread the impact of the project(

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